Here are some of the sites that tells us some experiences and stories of spiritual abuse. We hope and pray that these stories might provide comfort to those who have been abused spiritually.

Under More Grace — Cindy Kunsmun tells her story when she was in an abusive church that strictly followed the Discipleship/Shepherding movement and her journey towards recovery.

Sovereign Grace Ministries (SGM) Survivors Stories — A collection of personal testimonies from former members of Sovereign Grace Ministries.

Restoring The Heart — Amazing story of recovery and redemption of Sherie, who experienced spiritual abuse not from one church, but two. Her blog chronicles her journey of restoring trust in the church and spiritual leaders. Now, Sherie is an active member of a church.

Spiritual abuse in (Youth With A Mission) YWAM — Sean’s story (from New Zealand) of how his leader spiritually abused him by using control, manipulation and condemnation.

Personal Story of Spiritual Abuse by Eric  — Story of Eric who was spiritually abused by their controlling Pastor when they were still under his authority.

Jesus Life House (JLH) Concern Group In Chinese Community — collection of testimonies and stories of spiritual abuse in JLH.

“Don’t Talk About It” by Kristen Rosser — Kristen shares her story of spiritual abuse back in college and was part of Maranatha Campus Ministries under Joe Smith.

Former Members of Worldwide Church of God (WCG) — Collection of spiritual abuse stories of some of the former members of WCG.


Mars Hill Refuge — In October of 2014, news broke out that Mark Driscoll resigned as megachurch Pastor of Mars Hill Church. Prior to this, Driscoll was already removed from Acts 29 Network which he co-founded a few months earlier. Large number of reports from former members of Mars Hill Church accuses Driscoll of being abusive. Mars Hill Refuge is a collection of articles and stories of former members of Mars Hill Church. Also check “Church or Cult? The Control, Freaky Ways of Mars Hill Church” which is an article documenting some stories of spiritual abuse in Mars Hill Church.


Personal Experiences in the Geftakys Assemblies — Collection of testimonies of abuse by former members of  George Geftakys “The Assembly“.


Collection of articles and links about the International Churches of Christ (Including testimonies from former members)

A Personal Encounter with the International Churches of Christ — Tony Adams personal involvement with the Boston Movement.

A Story From the Early Days of the Discipling/”Crossroads” Movement — Personal account of Catherine Hampton when she was still an active member of Crossroads Movement within the Churches of Christ.