In My Spiritual Inheritance: Walking In Your Destiny, Juanita Bynum discusses the importance of authority and submission to church leaders, describing it in terms of family relationships. Bynum addresses the leadership in the church and encourages them to act as spiritual parents. According to Bynum, the blessings many Christians seek can only be found through having a relationship with someone (pastor) who can pass on this “spiritual inheritance.” Bynum also suggests to the believers to submit under the authority of the pastors in order for the believer to get his/her ‘spiritual inhertance’.

My Spiritual Inheritance encourages the authority of the pastors, where there is a possibility and potential to be misused and abused. This book tells that one need to be obedient and submit to the pastor, even if they are wrong — because God will bless you for it. And if you don’t submit and obey, you will never get your spiritual inheritance.

Other Reviews:

This book is just another avenue for the Shepherding Movement to be rekindled. The “covering” philosophy is not a biblical one. The word covering is not even mentioned in this context in the Bible. It is an adaptation of the “Shepherding Movement” doctrine started back in the 70’s in Fort Lauderdale Florida. The only covering the body of Christ needs is Jesus himself. There is nothing wrong with having spiritual parents who can foster your growth and yes we should love and reverence those who are feeding us the Word of God. But people like Mrs. Bynum-Weeks will take it to the next level as if your blessing will be cut off if you do not jump through hoops for your man or woman of God. Many people who have taken on the Shepherding/Covering philosophy have misused and abused people in the name of God and tried to control them. In other words, if a “shepherd” tells you to do something that you may find to be contrary to the Spirit of Christ in you or the Word of God, you must still obey because this person is your covering. This is what Juanita believes. — Halley (Amazon)

As much as I like the teachings of Pastor Bynum-Weeks on holiness and living right before God, she unfortunately has missed the mark on this one. When the Bible says that we are to regard older members of the church as mothers and fathers, it does not mean implicit obedience without spiritual discernment. We are to obey the Word of God first and foremost! And pastors are not above correction or reproof because they are ‘the Lord’s anointed’. –Marsena Cook (Amazon)

Although Bynum does not have enough historical knowledge to be aware of it, this dangerous little book attempts to revive the dangerous teachings of the shepherding movement of the ’70s, which elevated the authority of pastors over that of the still, small, internal voice of the Spirit. — Eucatastrophe (Amazon)