Video Resources

The following videos are lectures of Jeff Van Vonderen where he talks about what spiritual abuse is. 

Part 1 Healthy and Abusive Spiritual Dynamics


Part 2 The Abusive Religious System


Part 3 How We Get Hooked


Helpful Websites and Resources on Spiritual Abuse

Covering And Authority — Resources filled with relevant information about Covering Theology and why it is wrong.

Battered Sheep Ministry — A place of encouragement for sheep who have been wounded and victimized by authoritarian and legalistic churches. — Website that covers spiritual abuse in Bible-based churches with  a secondary focus on the United Pentecostal Church.

Provender — Website that lists valuable links and stories about spiritual abuse.

Christians in Recovery – Spiritual Abuse Info & Help – Christians in Recovery compiled a list of relevant links, books and organizations on how to recover for victims of spiritual abuse.

Wicked Shepherd – Wicked Shepherd is a website dedicated in exposing abusive and controlling leadrship.

Spiritual Sounding Board — A blog dedicated to exposing spiritual abuse in today’s churches.

Liberty For Captives — Blog by Stephen Smith, who was a victim of a legastic and controlling church. He created Liberty For Captives to help people recognize healthy and unhealthy spiritual authority based upon biblical principles.

Freedom of Mind Resource Center — This is the website of the known author about controlling leadership , Steve Hassan. They offers ways to help people who are in any controlling group and breakaway from it.

Spiritual Abuse Awareness — A blog started by a group who were victims of spiritual abuse. They started Spiritual Abuse Awareness to reach out and support others who are going through spiritual abuse.

Under Much Grace  — Resources for recovery from spiritual abuse.

Spiritual Abuse Recovery — An online community intended for general discussion of spiritual abuse issues.