Ken Blue’s Healing from Spiritual Abuse: How to Break Free from Bad Church Experience is one of the best known books on spiritual abuse. In this book, Ken Blue defines and identifies several key areas in spiritual abuse that occurs within the Christian Church. Ken Blue also offers various examples of stories from people who experienced this kind of abuse. In addition, this book provides insightful information for its readers about what makes a church leadership abusive. Ken Blue tells this by comparing healthy ones to abusive church system by looking at the leadership demonstrated by Jesus Christ’s servanthood as well as the non-hierarchical structure in the early church.

This book offers grace-based biblical answer to spiritual abuse which can help provide a way of healing for people who are abused spiritually. And even though the primary intended audience for this book is for the victims of spiiritual abuse as well as the perpetrators of abuse, this book is still very useful for everyone.

Ken Blue interweaves simple, down-to-earth definitions of spiritual abuse with examples from the experiences of real people. Having grown up in an abusive church, I found it difficult even to give myself permission to pick up this book and start reading. His style was disarming, and the accounts of people’s experiences were chillingly compelling. After the first few chapters, I was able for the first time in my life to use the word abuse in connection with that church… Near the end, the author includes a checklist of characteristics of a “Significantly Aberrant Christian Organization.” Honestly scoring my church on that list is what precipitated my escape, for it gave me compelling, common-sense reasons for breaking off contact with that organization… Walking away from spiritual abuse is a slow, painful process. My journey to healing didn’t start, or end, with this book. But it was essential to one of the most significant steps I had to take in leaving the abusive environment behind.  — Amazon Customer

Ken Blue discussed not only the abused side of spiritual abuse, but also covered the abuser. This was a balanced look at where spiritual abuse comes from, and steps to take to be healed from it. It had an awesome emphasis on the grace of God. All those who have been feeling like the church has done more harm than help to them should read this book. There is a firm biblical foundation in all that is written. It was an awesome book to read to get a better understanding of what is really going on with the church, and how people are able to abuse church goers so easily. I would recommend it to all people who are in the church, be they part of the church staff or occasional church goers. Dubs70

This book shares the highest place on my list of books that helped me overcome a 5-1/2 year experience (1987-1992) of intense spiritual abuse, and thus I believe it will also help others. Ronald M. Henzel

I recently had to leave a church with very controlling pastors. I read this book and discovered that nearly everything about the way church leaders’ abuse members was done to me and even worse to some of my friends. I now have learned not to let people control me the same way but also not to let abusive leaders destroy my faith in God. — Chandler Isaac Klebs