This site was started by a group of Christians who have been on the inside of abusive churches, as followers and leaders.

This site has a very specific purpose: to help Christians, who are being spiritually abused in Bible-believing churches to find their way out.   We don’t want you to live it any longer, and we want you to find your way to Jesus, the True Shepherd if you have been mistreated by false shepherds.

This site is not a “cult hunter” site, where we claim that all Christians who do not believe in a certain way are in a cult, or where we look at every kind of belief under the sun for cult-like leanings.

Abusive churches crop up in call kinds of denominations and all kinds of flavors. Abuse is not limited to any specific theology or history, although theology is definitely one of the tools of abuse.  Some abusive churches are otherwise very mainstream, and some are very cult-like.

Our Policy
–Any correspondence or other personal information you send to us via the contact form is completely private and will not be disclosed to anyone.
–Not everyone who is accused of abuse is really abusive so interaction and response from leaders or others representing groups accused of abuse is welcomed, HOWEVER, no abusive comments will be tolerated on the board. We will delete your account and block your posts if you are abusive here on the site. This is a safe place.